• 007 Custom Designed Flame Graphics kit fits Harley Davidson Electra Glide, Street Glide

    Custom Designed Chrome Flame Graphics fit the Harley Davidson Electra Glide, Street Glide, and Ultra Classic.

    These graphics are custom designed and machine cut to fit the Gas Tank, Front Fender, Rear Hard Bags [top and sides], Front Fairing, Horn Bell Cover, and Fork Sliders. The Gas Tank graphics will fit any model with this style gas tank!
    They will fit ANY HD Model with the Bat Wing Fairing and Hard Side Bags!

    These graphics are cut from only the best premium polyester chrome materials available! Our materials boast a 5 year outdoor life, even longer when kept sheltered from harsh elements! They are completely weather proof, UV resistant, and water proof! They are very reflective, much like highly polished chrome; you can even see your reflection in them! They are a solid color, but the reflections from nearby objects makes them come alive! They also cast "chrome reflections" on nearby objects, buildings, etc on sunny days! 

    The graphics come pre-masked with a semi clear application tape, and come with detailed application instructions.This set includes the following:
    • 4 Pieces for the Batwing Fairing
    • 1 Piece for the Front Fender
    • 1 Piece for the Horn Bell
    • 2 Pieces for the Front Fork Tube Sliders
    • 2 Pieces for the Tops of the Side Hard Bags [Left and Right]
    • 2 Pieces for the Sides of the Side Hard Bags [Left and Right]
    • 2 Pieces for the Gas Tank
    This set is an easy, inexpensive way to customize your bike without being permanent. If you choose to remove the graphics you can do so without harm to your paint! You can also clear coat over top of the graphics for a permanent look if you so choose! We offer this set in a wide variety of colors, including:
    • Standard Chrome
    • Red Chrome
    • Hot Pink Chrome
    • Orange Chrome
    • Gold Chrome
    • Neon Green Chrome
    • Forest Green Chrome
    • Sky Blue Chrome
    • Royal Blue Chrome
    • Purple Chrome
    • Black Chrome
    • Mini Diamond Plate
    • Black Carbon Fiber
    • Holographic that shifts colors with light and movement
    Having a hard time picking a color? That's OK! Contact us anytime and we will gladly send you color samples :)