• Custom Designed Flame Graphics kit fits Harley Davidson Softail Standard FXSTI

    Give your bike a custom look with this Graphic set by Boss Dog Graphics!!!

    Custom Designed Flame Graphics kit fits the Harley Davidson Softail Standard FXSTI
    These graphics have been custom designed to fit the Gas Tank, Front Fender, Rear Fender, Headlight, Horn Cover, Air Filter Cover and Oil Can. The Gas Tank Graphics will fit all models with this style gas tank.

    This Graphic set is cut from premium polyester chrome and colored chrome films. This set is available in standard chrome or many different colored chrome films. ( SHOWN IN NEON GREEN AND IN CARBON FIBER )        
    Our materials are the best around. Period. They boast a 5 year outdoor life, and will last even longer when kept sheltered from harsh elements! They are completely water proof, weather proof, and U.V. resistant, these will not fade or yellow from the sun. They are very reflective like highly polished chrome. You can even see yourself and back ground reflection in them, as you can see in the pictures, so when you move the bike or walk around the bike the graphics really come alive!!! 
    They are a solid color, but you can see all of the reflection in the pictures. When they are in the Sun, they even cast colored flame shapes on to buildings or objects that are near it, like a gas pump or another vehicle, car or truck. I have seen these cast a colored flame shape across an entire store front before on a Sunny Day.

    They come masked with a semi-clear application tape over the chrome surface which also protects the graphic during shipment. Detailed application instructions are included.

    The Graphic Set includes all of the following:
    • 4 pieces for the Gas Tank
    • 1 piece for the Front Fender
    • 1 piece for the Horn Cover
    • 1 piece for the Headlight
    • 2 pieces for the Air Filter Cover
    • 2 pieces for the Rear Fender
    • 2 pieces for the Oil Can
    We offer Standard chrome mirror or several different colored chromes, including:
    • Standard Chrome
    • Hot Pink Chrome
    • Red Chrome
    • Orange Chrome
    • Gold Chrome
    • Neon Green Chrome
    • Forest Green Chrome
    • Sky Blue Chrome
    • Royal Blue Chrome
    • Purple Chrome
    • Black Chrome
    • Black Carbon Fiber
    • Holographic that shifts colors with light and movement
    Having a difficult time choosing a color? That's ok! Contact us anytime and we will gladly send color samples!

    Any stock graphics with the actual "Harley Davidson" logo or letters are not included in this kit.

    We have several Harley Davidson graphics available, as well as Trailer kits, and MORE! Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us and we will get you set up!