• 006 Custom Designed Flame Graphics kit fits Honda Fury with Printed Options

    $199.00 $149.25

    Boss Dog Graphics presents : A Complete Custom Printed Flame Graphics kit for your Honda Fury!!

    This is like no other set we have presented, this is a custom fit kit that is PRINTED with a pattern of your liking! THE OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS!!

    We have already pre-designed this kit in several variations, including:

    • Monster Scales
    • Black Alligator Skin
    • Realistic Flames
    • SnakeSkin

    Each of our pre-designed patterns have been edited to show a 3 Dimensional feel with highlights and shadows. Your flames will look as though they are raised on your bike! And that is just the beginning! With our wide format high quality printer, the options are literally endless. We can print any pattern or design to your liking!

    We also offer this kit in our original specialty film options! No matter what you choose, you can't go wrong with this kit! It is sure to make your bike stand out and turn heads! You are NOT going to find another kit like this anywhere else. PERIOD! We have custom fit each piece to work with your bike, NO TRIMMING REQUIRED! (*Please note, the extra pieces mentioned, you may trim if you see fit, but you will not need to trim any other pieces!)

    As always, our materials are the top of the line in any market! We have high quality solvent based inks that are graded for 3 years that are printed on high quality Wrap material (to avoid creasing, kinking, or ripples during application) and THEN they are laminated to give you an extra 3-5 year outdoor use boost! These graphics are completely water proof, weather proof, and UV resistant!

    These graphics are printed straight off the press per order, there are NO stale materials or "Old" sets sold from our office! 

    Each flame lick has been custom designed to fit your Fury! There are no "One size fits all" or "Universal" flame licks here where you will be forced to "Cut to fit" your bike.

    This kit includes the following pieces:

    • 4 Pieces for the Front Fender (2 Large and 2 Small)
    • 8 Pieces for the Gas Tank
    • 6 Pieces for the Rear Fender
    • AND! 2 Bonus Pieces to place anywhere you choose! (We have them shown on the Front Fender)

    For a total of 20 pieces!! 

    Each piece is numbered for easy application, and sent with a "Placement" map

    Don't be fooled by other retailers selling less than quality products! These materials are all specialty films designed for wrapping around curves, and then laminated to boot! Some retailers will try to skip out on laminating to save a buck, but we stand behind our products and won't bother selling anything less than superior grade.                                              

    Sick of following difficult directions on paper? That's great! When you purchase this kit we will send you a link to an instructional video FOR THIS BIKE! You can watch as our Master Applicator shows you how to place the pieces and how to work with our materials to get the best results! 

    Please note, that in order to properly print and laminate your order, processing time may take up to 3 business days! This is to ensure no hazing between the ink and laminate.

    Having a tough time choosing a color? That's ok! Contact us anytime for more information and samples!
    We can also create this kit in other patterns if you like, contact us for more information regarding custom designs!