• Custom Designed Flame Graphics kit fits Honda VTX 1300R

    Custom Designed Flame Graphic set for the Honda VTX 1300 R. It is designed specifically for the VTX 1300 R, not just random flame licks or a one size fits all type graphic.

    It is a 12 piece set and includes the following :
    • 6 pieces for the Gas Tank, 3 left and 3 right
    • 2 pieces for the Front Fender, left and right
    • 1 piece for the Headlight
    • 1 piece for the Air Filter cover
    • 2 pieces for the Taillight, left and right sides
    This set is shown in Standard Chrome on a Black Cherry VTX. This Material is very reflective, just like highly polished chrome. You could actually use this material as a mirror. The set is machine cut from premium polyester chrome film. Our materials boast a 5 year outdoor life, longer if kept out of the weather. It is a Auto/Marine grade film. Completely water proof and weather proof, and U.V. resistant, it will not yellow from the sun.

    All of the pieces come pre masked with a semi-clear application tape and come with detailed application instructions. This is an easy inexpensive way to personalize your VTX with out being permanent. If you decide to remove them or replace them with a different color you can do so. This is also a good way to cover small scratches or to prevent new scratches from occurring while giving your bike a custom look!!

    I totally transformed my bike using this graphics set by Boss Dog Graphics. This set contains enough flame graphic to give my bike a Custom look. The set is designed very well. All of the pieces flow with the shape of the bike. That is because they are specifically designed for the VTX and not just some one size fits all type sticker. They have a classic flame design that are cut from the best Polyester chrome films available anywhere.

    This chrome film and color chrome film is very reflective. They will cast colored chrome flame shapes onto buildings or vehicles nearby when the sun is shining on it. They install using a wet application, detailed instructions are included. If you are installing over fresh paint and want to clear over them you can do that also. Choose from a standard chrome color, or any of our colored chromes.  All orders are cut from a fresh roll of film. We do not carry inventory, so please allow up to 3 Business days to process your order.
    This set is available in:
    • Standard Chrome
    • Hot Pink Chrome
    • Red Chrome
    • Orange Chrome
    • Gold Chrome
    • Neon Green Chrome
    • Forest Green Chrome
    • Sky Blue Chrome
    • Royal Blue Chrome
    • Purple Chrome
    • Black Chrome
    • Black Carbon Fiber
    • Holographic that shifts colors with light and movement
    Having a hard time picking a color? Contact us anytime, and we will gladly send color samples!
    We have several graphics available, just because you don't see them listed, doesn't mean it isn't possible! Contact us if you are looking for something that you can't find!