• Custom Designed Flame Graphics kit fits Suzuki M109R Boulevard

    Custom Designed Flame Graphics kit fits Suzuki M109R Boulevard.

    This kit is custom designed to fit the contour of your bike, so NO TRIMMING REQUIRED!
    This kit includes pieces for the Headlight, Gas Tank, Radiator Surround, Dash, and the Front Fender.

    These graphics are available in Chrome Finish or in any one of our Several Colored Chromes. These materials are the best on the PLANET! They boast a 5 year outdoor life, and will last even longer when kept sheltered from extreme elements! They are completely waterproof, weather proof, and UV resistant; so they will not yellow or fade from sun exposure! The Chrome materials are super reflective, like highly polished chrome! You can even see your reflection in them! This is an easy, inexpensive way to customize your bike without permanence. If you decide to change colors, or replace you can easily do so! You can also clear coat over top of them if you want to make them a permanent addition to your bike!

    The pictures show our Standard Chrome, but these graphics are available in:
    • Standard Chrome
    • Red Chrome
    • Hot Pink Chrome
    • Orange Chrome
    • Gold Chrome
    • Neon Green Chrome
    • Forest Green Chrome
    • Sky Blue Chrome
    • Royal Blue Chrome
    • Purple Chrome
    • Black Chrome
    • Black Carbon Fiber
    • and Holographic that shifts colors with light and movement!
    Having a difficult time choosing a color? Contact us and we will gladly send color samples!

    Each of our kits are custom cut per order, there are absolutely no stale materials used around here!
    Each piece is masked with a semi-clear application tape, and come with detailed application instructions!