• First Generation Suzuki Hayabusa Kanji Graphics Kit, Same Size as Stock - Chrome Options

    Full Graphics set for the Suzuki Hayabusa GSX 1300 R, 1999-2007. The set includes all of the pieces shown and described below.

    The set is machine cut for precision from premium polyester materials. The Standard Chrome and Colored Chrome Materials are very reflective, just like highly polished chrome! You can actually see your self in it like chrome. I have even seen these graphics cast a kanji shape onto a building when it was parked in the sun! These films are a solid color, they do not fade to black or other colors, the darker areas that you see on the graphics are reflection and are most likely my reflection from taking the picture.

    Our materials are an Auto/Marine grade film; they are completely water proof, weather proof, and UV resistant so they will not yellow or fade from the sun! We have a wide variety of color options available! You get to choose 2 colors, one color for the Kanjis and the rest of the kit, and the second color is for the word "Hayabusa" and the "R". The options are endless!

    This set includes:
    • 2- full size Kanji for the fairings (same size as stock)
    • 2- Hayabusa words for the Kanji
    • 2- SUZUKI 9" x 1.37"
    • 2- SUZUKI 5" x .759" 
    • 2-SUZUKI 3.5" x .697" "curved"
    • 2- GSX1300 9.3" x .983"
    • 2- "R" for the GSX 1300 
    • 3-S's 2"x2"
    • 3- Helmet kanji aprox 3"x3"
    • 3- "Super Busa" Custom Suzuki S approx. 2" x 2
    These films are the best Quality film you can buy anywhere on the Planet, PERIOD!! It just doesn't get any better than this. I have seen other retailers offering lower prices, but they are using inferior films, not nearly as many options, and you wont receive the Quality service from them like you will from us!

    We ship all of our products in a USPS Priority Mail Box. 2-3 business days transit ANYWHERE in the USA!

    Having a tough time picking colors? Contact us and we will gladly send color samples!
    We can also custom design and print graphics if you are looking for something unique! Contact us for more information!