Ford Emblem Overlay Graphic Peterbilt Fits 1999-2004 F250-550

Custom Peterbilt Decal fits PERFECTLY over top of your existing Ford Emblem!

This kit will fit 1999-2004 F250-550 and 2000-2003 F150

These graphics are a 2 piece kit, One piece for the Red Twilite Background, and one piece for the Chrome Ring and "Peterbilt" Lettering. They are machine cut for precision from the best materials available on the planet! They boast a 5 year outdoor life and will last even longer when kept sheltered from Harsh elements. They are completely water proof, weather proof, and UV resistant!

This kit comes with 2 complete sets, one for the Front Grille Emblem, and one piece for the Rear Tailgate Emblem
Each piece comes masked with a semi-clear application tape, and come with detailed application instructions!

Transform your Stock Emblem into this awesome Peterbilt emblem with this graphic kit!

We have several other year ranges available as well as custom emblems too! Looking for something in particular? Contact us and we will take care of the rest!

**Please note the actual emblem is not included, we only sell the graphics that fit on your existing emblem.