• Second Generation Suzuki Hayabusa Kanji Graphics Kit, Same Size as Stock - Specialty Options

    If you want the best graphic set for your Busa, cut from the LARGEST selection of the best specialty films available on the Planet, look no further. I have what you need!!
    Graphic set fits Second Generation Hayabusa (2008-11) and up Models.

    The kanji is a little smaller than the 99-07 and the edges are more square. The GSX & 1300 are stacked on the tail of the 2008-09, where previous years were one line.

    This Graphic set includes all of the pieces shown in the last picture and are as follows:
    • 2- full size kanji for the fairing, LEFT side & RIGHT side
    • 2- of the word "Hayabusa" that lay on top of the kanji(color choice)
    • 4- helmet kanji approx 3" tall
    • 2 curved words "SUZUKI" approx 3.5"
    • 2-"GSX & 1300 (stacked)
    • 2-"GSX & 1340 (stacked)
    • 2- "R"
    The full size fairing kanji are shown for the left side and the right side. These graphics are the exact same size as the stock 2008-09 kanji. You can overlay them on your stock graphics or after a repaint. Placement of the graphic is provided in the picture on the listing. The Right side leans forward and the Left side leans backward (just like the stock graphics)

    These graphic sets are cut from the best films available. These are not cheap films or standard run of the mill vinyl. These are all specialty films and are as much as 6 times more expensive than a standard vinyl film. Don't be fooled by other sets that are a few bucks cheaper. This material is as good as it gets anywhere!! It is an Auto/Marine grade film that is completely water proof, weather proof, and U.V. resistant, will not fade or yellow from sun exposure. It has a 5 year outdoor life ( longer if kept sheltered from harsh elements ) The color choices and combinations are almost endless.

    Pick any 2 colors and personalize your order
    . Other colors may be available so feel free to ask if you don't see something your looking for.
    We also carry a wide variety of Suzuki and Hayabusa graphics for your bike, trailer, truck, and MORE!
    We can also print graphics with custom colors, prints, patterns, or backgrounds! Contact us for more information!