• 003 Suzuki Hayabusa - Second Generation Custom Printed Kanji Graphics Kit - RattleSnake Skin


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    Custom Snakeskin/Black Printed Graphics set for 2008 - and up Hayabusa! The Snakeskin has a very "Real" effect, and has been edited to show off a 3D effect also! The smaller pieces are outlined to give an extra Boost and stand out!

    You are NOT going to find another set like this anywhere else! And once applied, your bike is going to stand out like no other!

    The kanjis are a little smaller than the 1999-2007 and the edges are a little more squared off. The GSX and 1300 are stacked on the 2nd Generation instead of one line.

    This Graphics Set includes everything shown in the pictures, and are as follows:

    • 2- FULL Size Kanjis [Left and Right] with Orange lettering "Hayabusa"
    • 2- Curved Suzuki for the Nose and Tail approx. 3.5"
    • 3- "Super" Busa S approx. 2" x 2"
    • 3- Helmet Kanji approx. 3" tall
    • 3- Suzuki "S" approx. 2" x 2"
    • 2- GSX 1300 [stacked]
    • 2- GSX 1340 [stacked]
    • 2- "R" for the tail [same color as the word "Hayabusa"]

    For a total of 19 Pieces!

    The full size fairing kanjis are shown for the left side and right side. These graphics are the exact same size as the stock 2008 - and up kanji. Placement of the graphics are shown in the listing.

    *NOTE that the left side kanji has a "cut" tail, same as stock.

    These graphics are custom printed per order. We use only the highest quality media, inks, and laminates available on the planet! These graphics will look awesome on your bike, and hold up to an 8 year lifespan!

    We do not stock any inventory. Every item is custom printed to order! No need to worry about stale graphics being sold, we only use fresh materials, and custom cut each order!

    These graphics are machine cut from the absolute BEST premium materials available! These are not cheap, or standard run of the mill materials. These are all high quality print media and are at least 6 times as expensive as standard vinyl materials. Don't be fooled by sets that are a few bucks cheaper!

    These materials are all water proof, weather proof, and UV resistant! They will last even longer when kept sheltered from harsh elements.

    This listing is for a Snakeskin Print with Black lettering. However, you can choose other colors if you like! If you would like the word "Hayabusa" in any other color, please contact us! The word "Hayabusa" is printed on top of the kanji, so less application for you!

    Other colors and prints are available, just contact us for more information on custom colors!

    If you are looking for something in particular, contact us! We are listing daily, and if you do not see what you are looking for, we can make it happen!

    We also offer graphics for other models, as well as graphics for your trailer, truck, car, and MORE!

    If you prefer to stick to one of our specialty vinyls, we have listings for those sets also! And as always, we would be happy to send you samples :)

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